Put simply... a podcast is talk radio, but on demand! It’s a series of audio files, often called episodes, typically focused on a particular topic or theme, like education or business, prerecorded and published on a specific cycle.

You can listen to podcasts on a wide variety of web-based platforms, and via a bunch of apps on your phone. By subscribing to a podcast, you can have new episodes automatically downloaded to your phone, tablet, or computer, and listen to episodes whenever you like on your headphones, in the car, or through speakers.

How to Listen

There are a ton of ways to listen to your favorite podcast! The best part? Most of these already exist on your smartphone!  Check out...

Apple Podcasts (automatically downloaded to any Apple device) 
Listen to Teach Better Talk on Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts (automatically downloaded to any Google phone) 
Listen to Teach Better Talk on Google Podcasts

Spotify Music 
Listen to Teach Better Talk on Spotify

Stitcher Radio
Listen to Teach Better Talk on Stitcher Radio
Listen to Teach Better Talk on

Listen to Teach Better Talk on Castbox

Any time you have a spare moment. Throw on your favorite episode in the car, during a work out, or while you get ready in the morning!

Where to Listen

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How to Subscribe

Subscribing to your favorite Podcasts can help ensure you don't miss any episodes!

Log into your favorite podcasting app (such as Apple Podcasts) and click the "Subscribe" button. Each time an episode is published, it will automatically download to your phone and be ready for you to listen. 

Subscribing also adds a TON of value to your favorite podcasting channels (and if you enjoy it, we assume you want it to do well!)

The more subscribers, ratings, and reviews a podcast has, the more visibility it gains to reaching new listeners.  

Speaking of...

we would really appreciate you taking a moment to head over to your favorite podcast platform (like Apple Podcasts), search Teach Better Talk, leave us a rating (5 Stars Preferred), and write a quick review! 

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