Branding Your Classroom

Elijah CarbajalShut Up and Teach

When you think of a brand of an item, a lot of ideas and concepts can come to mind, one of which is community. In today’s episode, find out how creating a brand for your classroom can create a sense of belonging.   MORE EPISODES

A Conversation from the Couch (ft. Tracey Taylor)

Elijah CarbajalShut Up and Teach

A spontaneous conversation I had with my (at the time) girlfriend, Tracey Taylor. Tracey is my wife, a landscape painter and photographer, as well as a middle school art teacher, living and working in Albuquerque, NM. Listen to our first conversation in what will be a mini-series of episodes. MORE EPISODES

Episode 11 | Featuring Brad Hughes

Brad HughesGood News Brad News Podcast

Brad D. Hughes is a Pittsburgher by birth, Virginian by need. Proud husband, father and school counselor at Ashland Elementary in Prince William County, Virginia. Former NCAA wrestler. Part-time amateur musician and movie snob. Connect with Brad! Twitter: @BDHCounselorAES Bonus Content Dr. Andy Jacks | Twitter | Web MORE EPISODES

Bonus Episode with Jeffrey Prickett, Brittany Rincon, Robert Breyer and Deanna Lough

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Joshua Stamper, Jeffrey Prickett, Brittany Rincon, Robert Breyer, Deanna Lough, Teach Better Podcast Network

I had the amazing opportunity to moderate during the Teach Better 12 Hour Live Event with four amazing educators and podcasters. In this bonus episode, Jeffrey Prickett, Brittany Rincon, Robert Breyer, Deanna Lough, and I discuss the mission of our podcasts and how podcasts impact professional development.    Follow Dr. Jeffry Prickett: Twitter: @jdprickett Instagram: jdprickett Facebook: Jeffry Prickett Linkedin: Dr. … Read More

The Shut Up and Teach Mentality

Elijah CarbajalShut Up and Teach

In this pilot episode, I give the backstory of the phrase “Shut up and teach”. This phrase really has grown and developed into more than a call to set aside our problems and negative emotions. It’s a call to bid apathy in the classrooms farewell.  Listen to learn more about why I am passionate about this message. MORE EPISODES