Asking for Help

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TL;DR: Having clear expectations doesn’t mean you won’t need help. Be willing to ask students, teachers, and leaders for help. Know when to resolve issues on your own and when to reach out for support. Establishing expectations in a classroom is an incredibly important first step in building a community of learners. Whether that community will be together for the … Read More

Sub Better: Know the Content

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TL;DR Knowing the content of what you are teaching will help you be more confident as a substitute. Know where to look for help; it’s ok that you don’t know everything. Use the resources available to support student learning. Stretching Outside of Your Comfort Zone I received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education in May 2008 and began working that … Read More

Expect Better

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TL;DR: Students won’t know what you expect of them if you don’t tell them. Including students in the work of establishing expectations will lead to better outcomes. Teachers, administrators, and substitutes need to work together to establish clear expectations. So. Many. Teachers. Imagine a student who attends the same EC-12 district for their entire public education career. This student will … Read More

Edu Speak 101

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TL;DR: Substitute teachers selected that job for all different reasons. Sometimes educational language is hard to understand when you first enter a classroom and read the sub plans. Try to complete sub plans that make sense even for those who aren’t familiar with educational jargon. If you are an administrator, please check in with subs at the start of each … Read More