Bracket Your Day with Consistent Routines

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TL;DR: Structure the beginning of your day to have a consistent routine.  Before leaving work, clean up your email inbox by returning all messages from the day. As you end your day, create a system to keep track of items that need to be addressed the following day.  As school leaders begin their school year supporting their students, staff, parents, … Read More

Routine vs. Schedule

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TL;DR: Establishing a flexible routine for children includes your morning routine, work routine, downtime routine, and evening routine. Kids can either follow a strict schedule or a daily routine. It’s important to remember that life happens—circumstances and emotions change day to day. Now that I am a few weeks into remote teaching with both my students and my own three … Read More

Teaching Through Classroom Leadership

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In This Post: The need for a culture of leadership in your classroom in addition to traditional classroom management practices. The need for more authentic, leadership-oriented professional development. The big differences between managing and leading students. Why creating relationships with students gives you greater influence and ability to lead in your classroom. There are 6 words that will change your … Read More