Small Wins, Huge Smiles

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TL;DR: It is essential to highlight all small wins for students in the classroom. Celebrating all wins helps to create a learning environment of love and success. In such a world today where everything is so “me” focused, we often overlook a simple gesture of celebrating or encouraging others. A simple compliment goes a long way long towards the mental … Read More

Virtual Champions

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TL;DR: Teachers are virtual champions in 2020 by adapting to constant changes. A teacher’s dedication to helping students feel safe with the current situation is shown through the smiles of students. One word we can describe the latter part 2020 is virtual. Since the spring of this year, education has looked different for our teachers and students. Education is going virtual to accommodate … Read More

It’s Okay to Laugh & Smile Right Now

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TL;DR: A smile can go a long way. Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t check in with each other and spread kindness. My wife and I were at the grocery store this morning and as you probably know, it was awkward and people weren’t overly personable. Katy and I smile quite often, and laughter has always been a huge part … Read More