Dr. Jerod Phillips Sr. (Solo) – Peer Influence

Jerod Phillips Sr.The Squad Builder Podcast

In this episode, we dive into a topic that we all have experienced as teachers, specialists, leaders, or any other role in education. We are talking about “Peer Influence” in this episode. There are 2 sides to peer influence, and we will explore how to keep it on the positive side, and our brain has a lot to do with … Read More

CEO Brian DiSabatino, EDiS Company – Nobody Helped Me Finish The Rest Of the Sentence

Jerod Phillips Sr.The Squad Builder Podcast

Check out this episode as Brian DiSabatino, the CEO of the EDiS Company joins the show. EDis is responsible for some of the most innovative and student centered learning spaces in newly built schools in my area. Hear how a lot of his work correlates to our work of building teams in education. Follow Dr. Phillips on Twitter at @japhillips0722 … Read More

Answer the Question | Joe Sanfelippo | Jackpot!

Tom SchimmerThe Tom Schimmer Podcast

In Don’t @ Me (2:41), Tom shares his thoughts on why it is so important to answer people’s questions, especially in online forums, and why performative pontifications are the highest form of disrespect. Then, Tom is joined by Joe Sanfelippo (8:35) to discuss effective school and district leadership. Finally, in Assessment Corner (51:28), Tom talks about why student investment is … Read More