Episode 1: What MATTERS in YOUR leadership

Darrin PeppardLeaning Into Leadership

Who is Darrin Peppard and why should you listen to him about leadership. In this episode, Darrin shares the six things he focused on as a leader, challenges you to find what it is that you are focusing on in your leadership, and goes a little further in depth with school culture and why it should be in the forefront … Read More

4 Ways to Cultivate School Spirit and Culture

Meghan WellsBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: Here are four ways to establish positive traditions and communication to cultivate culture. (1) Decorate your room and school with school colors so students identify as being a part of the community. (2) Explicitly teach school traditions like learning the Alma Mater words. (3) Celebrate students by creating a “Wall of Fame,” which is a collection of student pictures … Read More

Spirit Week: Five Questions School Teams Should Address

Steven WeberBlog, Connect Better

TL;DR: Spirit Week can have good intentions, but it is important to make all students feel included each day. Considerations are offered for the following Spirit Days: Beach Day, College Spirit Day, Disney Day, Fancy Friday, Jersey Day, School T-Shirt Day, and Tacky Christmas Sweater Day. Make sure you school’s theme week aligns to your school district’s mission statement. Spirit … Read More