It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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In This Post: The one thing every single person has in common! Schools are neighborhoods & communities. Ideas to build relationships with students & colleagues. Going the Extra Mile To say the weather here in New Jersey has been a roller coaster the past few weeks would be an understatement.  Last weekend it was unseasonably warm, with temps hovering around … Read More

3 Ways for Educators to Make the Holiday Break More Meaningful

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In This Post: The importance of using our holiday break time to recharge, professionally and personally. Three ways to have a more meaningful holiday break. Let’s face it. Teaching is tough, which can lead to stress — especially for teachers who are constantly striving to teach better. Studies show that burnout and trauma associated with teaching are so emotionally taxing that it … Read More

How to Build Valuable Relationships with Your Colleagues

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In this Post : Valuable relationships with colleagues is a must – but how do we use our time effectively? 5 Suggestions for quick ways to build relationships – set a timer, pop into a classroom, & attend a school event all make the list of options. We never feel like we have time, but relationships are worth it! Just … Read More

Student Teacher Mentoring 101

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In This Post: Student teacher mentoring is an ART Anytime you have a new student teacher, the first priority is learning about your mentee. It is essential to build a trust-filled relationship with your mentee. After understanding your mentee, and building a strong relationship, you need to provide tactical next steps for them to continue to grow. Student teacher mentoring … Read More