Ego of AP | Morgane Michael | Mastery of Targets

Tom SchimmerThe Tom Schimmer Podcast

In Don’t @ Me (2:25), Tom takes aim at any adult associated with AP courses, including parents, by highlighting why adult ego is driving students to overload their academic schedules with AP courses thereby creating an unsustainable and unhealthy school experience. Then, Tom is joined by author and friend Morgane Michael (15:50) to discuss her latest book, “From Burnt Out … Read More

Make Every Moment Count: Myths and Strategies for Learning

Mary Ellen RileyBlog, Manage Better, Personalize Student Learning Better

In this post: A dispelling of some popular educational myths Tips to help students discover and activate their studying abilities Strategies to make every moment of learning count Tips to take directly into your classroom to help students learn more effectively When my 10 pound baby was born, I realized my first born son had gone his whole life (almost … Read More