Pack Those Bags! Explore Teaching Internationally

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TL;DR: Top considerations for teaching internationally include making accommodations, networking, collaborating, building your portfolio, and more. Give back to the world in a way that you never did before or never thought of doing before. I never considered applying to teach at an International School…up until now. If you are considering International Education, here are your top considerations to reflect … Read More

Episode #170: Carla Meyrink

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Carla Meyrink is the director and co-founder of The Community for Learning, an international school in the Dominican Republic. For the past thirty-two years, she has worked as a secondary language arts teacher, an academic coach, and school director. She presents workshops on new initiatives in education, including restorative practices, student-led learning, coaching, and leadership skills. Her work on inquiry-based … Read More

Episode #135: Terence Tong

Dana GoodierOut of the Trenches Podcast

Having taught in Canada, Kuwait, and South Korea, Terence Tong is an aspiring leader with extensive teacher leadership experience seeking the next learning community to serve. As an ardent believer and advocate of “Life in the Middle”, Terence aims to serve the learning community, provide diverse opportunities for students and engage parents as learning partners. This is his 22nd year … Read More