Episode 45: The Leader of Learning with Dr. Dan Kreiness

Darrin PeppardLeaning Into Leadership

Administrators are not school leaders? Wait what? While some might bristle against this statement, Dr. Peppard sat down with Dr. Kreiness to discuss this position. This episode focuses on the challenges principals face that keep them from being the instructional leaders they all want to be. That, plus your #PepTalk and more on this week’s show. MORE EPISODES

4 Things Every Educational Coach Should Do

Rob BreyerBlog, Lead Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: A school administrator is also an instructional coach, life coach, behavior coach, character development coach, and career development coach. To make an impact, every educational coach should build relationships, listen, stay positive, and start small. When talking to another colleague about a coaching training I had recently attended, they asked me why I would attend training designed for coaches. … Read More

3 Important Lessons I’ve Learned as a First-Year Instructional Coach

Jeremy RinkelBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: This post shares important lessons learned as a first-year instructional coach. Being a good listener shows that you care. Teachers are all at different places emotionally, technologically, and with their teaching styles. It’s important to get to know each teacher and meet them where they are at. Give yourself grace in knowing that some days will be tougher than … Read More

Relationships Matter

Melissa CunninghamBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: When you hold a leadership position, not only do relationships matter, but they are the most important thing. When we are stressed, we lean on those we trust. This is the first post in a new series: Better Coaching. “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw. In … Read More

55: Take The L.E.A.P. – Elisabeth Bostwick chats about why we need to re-imagine learning, and how she learns something new every time she walks into another teacher’s classroom.

Teach Better TeamTeach Better Talk Podcast

Listen to episode 55 of the Teach Better Talk Podcast with Elisabeth Bostwick.

 Instructional coach, and author of “Take The L.E.A.P.,” Elisabeth Bostwick chats with us about fostering culture, encouraging students to take ownership over their learning, sparking curiosity, and inspiring creativity in our students. Elisabeth shares how being a mom drives her passion for education, why we need to re-imagine learning, and how she learns something new every time she walks … Read More