Motivating Without Grades

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TL;DR: If the task requires critical & creative thinking, then autonomy, mastery, and purpose are better motivators than rewards and punishments. Students today have to do more cognitively challenging work than they did in the past. Ten ways to motivate students without grades are provided. There are other benefits to using these techniques. In the last post But They Won’t … Read More

Grades, Feedback, and Assessments

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TL;DR: The focus in school is frequently on the grades received rather than the skills obtained. Feedback and the improvement of skills should be valued more. We all need to work together to create this change. In 2015, I attended the “What Great Educators Do Differently” conference with my colleague in education and best friend. I attended a session by … Read More

Three Steps to Help Students Build Reading and Writing Lives

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3 Steps to Help Students Build Reading and Writing Lives

Are your students reading and writing just for compliance? In This Post: Too many students read and write simply because the rules say they have to. This should change. We need to transform schools: From students following rules that benefit adults, to students pursuing readerly and writerly lives. We need to create a space for open dialogue with our students. … Read More