Episode 21 | Featuring Dr. Jeffry Prickett

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Dr. Jeffry Prickett is a school leader, author of the forthcoming book, Becoming Principal, and the 2021 Illinois High School Principal of the Year. Jeff serves as principal of McHenry High School in McHenry, Illinois, USA. Jeff also has experience as an assistant principal, dean of students and classroom teacher. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Judson University, a Master’s Degree … Read More

Lessons Learned From a Northern Town

Sandra WeirBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better

TL;DR: Respect the history of your stakeholders by being curious about how to improve interactions. There are many experiences, not things, to be grateful for. When you know better, you do better. Be willing and open to learn. The people you work with support you and are your family. Lean on each other. As you move on to new opportunities, … Read More

Episode 13 | Featuring Janice Moyer

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Janice Moyer is a coffee-drinking mom of four boys, teacher of elementary school, Big Fan of Little House, and wife of Bearded Husband. She is proficient at eating M&Ms in secret. Jan blogs about all of that and more at toughbananasblog.wordpress.com and you can follow her on Twitter @moyermama. Connect with Jan! Twitter: @mrsjmoyer | @moyermama Instagram: @mrsjmoyer | @janicemoyer Web: toughbananasblog.wordpress.com Bonus Content Brené Brown | @BreneBrown | brenebrown.com MORE EPISODES

EP72: Access is NOT Equity when it Comes to Family Engagement

The Staff Room PodcastStaff Room Podcast

In Episode 72 of The Staffroom Podcast, Chey and Pav talk about barriers to Family Engagement in schools. Infusing a few personal anecdotes and research on the topic, the duo deep dives into the conversation about what prevents families in our communities from not only participating, but engaging with the school community. They move from talking about parent Involvement to … Read More

Episode #110: Go Get It with Chip Baker

Barbara BrayRethinking Learning Podcast

Rethinking Learning Podcast Episode 110 with Chip Baker

Chip Baker is a fourth-generation educator, a speaker, host of the Success Chronicles Podcast, host of the Radio 111.7 Show, a Coach/Trainer for the John Gordon Power of Positive Leadership, and is the author of multiple books, videos, and resources.  What it was like growing up I was born in Dallas, Tx. My parents separated when I was five years … Read More