4 Ways To Rebuild Your Students’ Emotional Health

Monica Gupta MehtaBlog, Connect Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: Rebuild your students’ emotional health by modeling behaviors, understanding emotions, addressing social skills, and sharing strategies for emotional regulation. Checking in with students and incorporating passion projects, mindful moments, and dialogue journals into your classroom are just some of the other strategies shared to address your students’ emotional health. We are experiencing the hardest year of teaching in modern … Read More

Meeting the Needs of a Stressed Generation

Jennifer Haston-MaciejewskiBlog, Connect Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: Students of all ages face many stressors in their daily lives. Mindfulness is just one approach we can take to address the needs of a stressed generation. Emotional regulation uses strategies to guide anxiety, worry, and distress to harness those feelings and achieve specific goals in life, and in the classroom. “Our children are our greatest treasure. They are … Read More

3 Steps Educators can Take to Better Manage Their Emotions

Jorge ValenzuelaBlog, Lead Better, Self Care Better

In This Post: A background on emotional intelligence, EQ. Research on emotional regulation. Suggestions to improve social emotional learning, both of yourself and students. Being an ever-evolving educator, I am continually looking for ways to improve my practice. Both for helping students and also those closest to me. Almost a year ago (March 2019), I read an article by Travis Bradberry on mastering … Read More