Pushing the Boundary of a Title: Featuring Michael Vick and Sam Shropshire

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

In this week’s episode, Michael and Sam discuss how they changed the perception of a technology coach, pushed the scope of their impact on instruction, and differentiated their professional development to meet the needs of the teachers.  In this episode, we discuss: Building relationships with their teachers and staff to serve effectively Expanding the role of technology in the classroom … Read More

Celebrate Your Wins | Kristine Tesoriero Mizzone | Culturally Responsive Assessment

Tom SchimmerThe Tom Schimmer Podcast

In Don’t @ Me (2:44), Tom reminds listeners to celebrate their wins, no matter how small, medium, or large. Then, Tom is joined by education consultant Kristine Tesoriero Mizzone (8:40) to discuss the most important aspects of institutional coaching. Finally, in Assessment Corner (55:12), Tom highlights some big ideas from an article he recently wrote about eliminating implicit bias in … Read More