One Icon at a Time – Digital Learning Environments

Debbie TannenbaumBlog, Tech Better

TL;DR: We need to teach our students icons so that they can better navigate digital learning environments. It doesn’t matter what our students call an icon, but they need to know what its function is. Digital Learning Environments: Why Icons? “My students are digital natives—they just know how to use technology.” I hear these statements often when I work with … Read More

How eLearning is Changing the World

Rae HughartBlog, Innovate Better, Tech Better, Video(s)

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Video Highlights: Rae Hughart breaks down just 3 of the many definitions of eLearning, and how eLearning is changing the world of education. There are many definitions for “eLearning.” Rae covers 3 definitions: Ways you are learning online. Reading a blog, watching a video, or taking an online course. eLearning is making content more accessible. If you want to learn … Read More