The Gift of Leadership

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TL;DR: There are five aspects to the gift of leadership. We need to see potential, believe in others, nurture the skill, teach leadership explicitly, and then we must provide opportunities to empower them to lead. Leadership is a skill that needs to be developed. Just like all teachers are leaders, all students are leaders too. Notice, name, and nurture. Show … Read More

Leaders Are People, Not Positions

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TL;DR: Everyone is a leader with or without an official title. Start to see yourself as one, and act on ideas to make it happen. Everyone has the opportunity to be a role model and the power to lead. Don’t wait. Just start and take the first step. When you look at a school, who do you look at as … Read More

Teaching Through Classroom Leadership

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In This Post: The need for a culture of leadership in your classroom in addition to traditional classroom management practices. The need for more authentic, leadership-oriented professional development. The big differences between managing and leading students. Why creating relationships with students gives you greater influence and ability to lead in your classroom. There are 6 words that will change your … Read More