S3 Collaboration 04 with Brandon Beck

Joshua BuckleyPunk Rock Classrooms Podcast

Punk Rock Classrooms · S3 Collaboration 04 with Brandon Beck One of the awesome things we would see in punk is at shows when musicians from different bands would join forces on stage or when one of your favorite punk singers would lend their growl to some gang vocals on another band’s record. We wanted to create that same thing … Read More

Episode 54: Share Your Story Series with Dr. Brandon Beck

Lindsay TitusDefine YOUniversity Podcast

Apple Podcast Spotify In this week’s episode, my guest, Dr. Brandon Beck shares all about his mission as an educator, coach, edupreneur, and so much more! The author of Unlocking Unlimited Potential, Brandon shares about how every educator, every student, every person, has unlimited potential within them, and shares strategies for how to unlock your own potential! In this episode … Read More

The Impact of Standardized Assessments

Teach Better TeamBlog, Grade Better

TL;DR: Measuring student achievement using standardized assessments is inequitable. The story of Parks Middle School exemplifies the inequities of standardized assessments. Cheating on standardized tests led to teachers and administration guilty in court for racketeering. There’s a great opportunity now to reconsider and determine the best method to assess student progress to unlock unlimited potential. Standardized assessments is a “one … Read More

When the Growth Mindset Shines Bright

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TL;DR: Unlock the unlimited potential within yourself by modeling a growth mindset for students. Despite any setbacks or challenges, we have a say in where we focus our thoughts and energy. This post shares the story of Michael Jordan and how his growth mindset led him to success. Success never comes without obstacles to overcome. Buried deep within any of … Read More