Sub Better: Know Your Limits

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TL;DR: Know what assignments you are comfortable taking. Know what behaviours you find acceptable. Communicate your limits to others. Know Your Limits I got the call early in the morning. The school was in desperate need of a substitute teacher and they wanted to know if I was available. I had not taken any other assignments for that day and … Read More

5 Radical Self-Care Lessons for Educators

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TL;DR: Burnout is not “this is just how it is.” We need to prioritize our own wellness. Self-care isn’t selfish and it’s not about temporary relief. You must put the work in to maintain boundaries and demonstrate self-care. Set office hours for yourself. Embed wellness routines into your classroom to model self-care for students too. Burnout Six years ago, I … Read More

Boundaries In Schools

Sarah SaidBlog, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: It’s important to have healthy boundaries so you can be your best self for your students. Allow yourself to say no. Don’t take things personally, and watch what you tell people about yourself. If boundaries are violated, be kind, specific, and honest with the necessary people. Give yourself 24 hours before addressing something, allowing yourself time to think about … Read More