Inspire Serendipity

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TL;DR: Serendipity is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Four personal stories point out the importance of making students feel liked, happy, empowered, and important. The small acts of love in our day have the power to make a permanent impression.  The word serendipity is just plain fun to say. The meaning of the word is … Read More

The Empathetic Teacher

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TL;DR: Our learners’ behavior is an important form of communication.  Consider and revise your responses to student behavior to be more empathetic. Don’t assume how a learner is feeling; ask them directly. Validate your students’ feelings to ensure they feel heard and understood. During my first year teaching, I spent countless hours learning, planning, and creating. I loved every second … Read More

The Power of Empathy

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TL;DR: This post shares the power of empathy; empathy has the power to heal and create connections. Relationships promote growth, are a source of inspiration and motivation, and allow people to share struggles and celebrations. Four attributes of empathy include perspective taking, staying out of judgment, recognizing emotion in another person, and communicating that you can recognize that emotion. I … Read More