3. Let the Rhythm Move YEpisode 3 – 5 Incredible Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in Your Music Classroom!

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Let the Rhythm Move You: 5 Incredible Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in Your Music Classroom! 3 Storybooks to Use During Black History Month Freedom in Congo Square by Carole Boston Weatherford Charlie Parker played Be Bop by Chris Raschka Rap a Tap Tap, Here’s Bojangles, Think of That by Leo & Diane Dillon The titles above contain Amazon … Read More

Black Literature is American Literature: Don’t Isolate, Integrate

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TL;DR: Begin the year by designing multi-ethnic units and teach them year round, not only during Black History month. Build a more inclusive and diverse literature classroom to develop a greater appreciation for it. Take time to locate literature that reveals the joy and beauty of the Black experience in this country and abroad and not only share stories about … Read More

Black History Is American History

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TL;DR: We need to push for the continued recognition and celebration of Black contributions to culture, science, history, math, the arts, and more. Black history is American history; we need to move along Bloom’s taxonomy from “identify” to “create,” and do more than just recognize systemic racism. Reframe your mindset from being “called out” to being “called in.” View this … Read More

Amplifying Black History All Year

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TL;DR: Black history should be amplified all year long. Black voices belong in students’ curriculum and content for more than 28 days. Amplify Black authors and achievements in all subjects by citing Black teachers, creators, authors, and thinkers, reading text that celebrates black excellence and joy, and helping students understand Black history. Teach Black identity intersectionality and be mindful of … Read More