Superhero Teachers Empower Superhero Students

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TL;DR: Superhero teachers create and empower superhero students. Creating thriving super-students comes down to these big ideas: nurturing heart, developing mind, and cultivating will. Teaching isn’t about grades, standards, and tests. It’s about inspiring the inner superhero of each child. “All our energy has gone into stretching kids’ cognitive abilities and neglecting the human side—the source of energy, joy, inspiration, … Read More

Navigating Self-Care Through the 3 Ships

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TL;DR: Navigate your self-care through the 3 ships: relationships, leadership, and partnerships. Teachers are more stressed, overwhelmed, and past the point of burnout than ever before.  Implementing self-care is something that needs to be done proactively and often. When I first started on my maiden voyage into education, our school had a part-time wellness coordinator.  As a stipended paraprofessional, her … Read More

Give Yourself Permission

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TL;DR: Give yourself permission to put yourself first and value self-care, wellness, and social emotional learning. We need to be courageous in our P.A.S.S.I.O.N.—pause, assess, space, speak, insight, open, knowledge. Empower yourself to follow through on your BEST INTENTIONS to show up for YOU.   “It’s important to take a daily temperature of your heart.” – Diana Patton, Inspiration in My … Read More

Best Intentions: Hungry for Better

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TL;DR: A new learning series, Best Intentions, aims to support, connect, and inspire educators’ desire towards self-improvement. It begins on January 31st in the Teach Better Team Private Facebook Group. Best Intentions is designed to help educators explore self-development in the pursuit of living our most intentionally authentic lives in and out of the classroom. The LIVE monthly conversational-style interviews … Read More