42 – intentional appreciation through joyful leadership – joshua stamper

Jillian DuBoisMoments of ImpartED Joy Podcast

So many of us who had built personal relationships, through social media platforms, mind you – it’s not impossible, connected on a much deeper level that left us woven together even stronger. If I had to narrow our relationships/friendships down to one word….it would be AUTHENTIC. Joshua Stamper is one of those. My goodness, when we saw each other, it … Read More

Student Inclusion and Partnership: Featuring Lindsay Lyons

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Aspire to Lead, Lindsay Lyons, Joshua Stamper, Time for Teachership

This week’s guest, Lindsay Lyons, shares how by including student voice and enhancing the curriculum to include opportunities to discuss important topics, the culture of the classroom increases equity and inclusiveness.  In this episode, we discuss: Curriculum Design for Difficult Topics  Student Partnership Opportunities And her podcast, Time for Teachership! About Lindsay Lyons: Lindsay Lyons (she/her) is an educational justice … Read More

Action Research on SEL Practices: Featuring Jorge Valenzuela

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Aspire to Lead, Jorge Valenzuela, Joshua Stamper, SEL, Emotional Intelligence

This week’s guest, Jorge Valenzuela, shares his journey of how he was introduced to Emotional Intelligence in his personal life and how he used his action research to help districts implement sound SEL practices on their campuses.  In this episode, we discuss: “Learning Walks” to Provide Feedback  The Importance of Gathering Data for Action Research And his new podcast, SEL … Read More

Aspire Mailbag: New Leadership or New Initiatives?

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Aspire Mailbag, Joshua Stamper, Jeff Gargas, Aspire to Lead, Teach Better

In this 26th Aspire Mailbag episode, Jeff Gargas and I answer questions on different leadership topics provided by the listeners. Please join us for this episode as we answer questions on new initiatives by new leaders, abandoning campus programs, leadership advice, the Teach Better conference, and the latest news with the Teach Better Team! Featuring Jeff Gargas and Joshua Stamper … Read More

Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching: Featuring Katie Miglin

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Aspire to Lead, Katie Miglin, Joshua Stamper, Teach Better, Interdisciplinary Learning

This week’s guest, Katie Miglin, shares how to create an interdisciplinary learning experience in the classroom, while using the Grid Method to enhance student voice and ownership of the content.  In this episode, we discuss: New Teach Better Course on Interdisciplinary Learning New Opportunities to Provide Student Feedback And the Teach Better 22 Conference!  About Katie Miglin: Katie Miglin was … Read More