Born and raised in the projects, Laura Rizo's life experiences relate to both youth and adults. Her messages on overcoming poverty, depression, alcoholism, an identity crisis, and a lack of self love reaches the hearts of her audience. She connects to youth through experiences she overcame and connects with adults through her transparency.

Twitter: @rizospeakslife
Instagram: @rizospeakslife

"Rizo is exactly what the world of education needs right now! Transparency, Energy, and Action Steps!
I can't wait to learn from her again!" 


"LOVE saves lives." 

Keynotes, Workshops, & Sessions: 

The HERO Inside You

Keynote Talk / Breakout Session

Before you save a life, your life must be transformed! Through personal testimonies & audience participation, Rizo will challenge students to:
-Work on their own identity & the battles they fight with themselves
-Face the villains they have been putting aside their whole lives


  • Challenge students to discover their self worth.

  • Help students find the challenges that are holding them back from their goals.

  • Help students find strategies to encourage themselves and overcome challenges. 



Keynote Talk / Breakout Session

Rizo will teach students to LOVE themselves before anyone else
and pour that love into the world.



  • Inspire students to love themselves before anyone or anything else
  • Challenge students to learn from their mistakes and value themselves through calls to action 


The Power of Social Emotional LOVE

Keynote Talk / Breakout Session / 1 Day Workshop

The Power of SELove, based on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and CASEL's SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING competencies, describes ways to connect with students and provides strategies on each competency of Social Emotional Learning. 



  • Assist educators with strategies to teach the heart before teaching the mind, produce hard working students, and produce results with a few minutes a day of SEL strategies in every class period schoolwide.


Lead with LOVE 

1 Day Workshop / 2 Day Workshop

Present research based strategies and train your teachers and staff to facilitate a leadership conference on your campus that leads to the development of YOUTH LED, ADULT FACILITATED community based projects. 



  • Introduce leadership skills and prevention strategies. 
  • Work with teams in finding the common issues they want to address in their community
  • Build self confidence and team building through strategies.
  • Develop a plan of action and timelines for the project. 
Pricing Ranges from $1,500 - $4,999 depending on district / schools needs.