08 – Amplifying The Voices of Others – Todd Nesloney shares the power of using your platform to amplify the voices of others

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Episode 08 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

In this episode, elementary principal, author, and international speaker, Todd Nesloney, talks about the power of amplifying the voices of others, eliminating excuses for kids, and not letting failures destroy you.

Todd shares why we need to put our focus back on the kids, bring our best attitudes to work, and continue to show up for our students. Todd gets vulnerable as he shares his journey, and let’s us know why he’ll “never write another book!”

Episode Highlights

  • 2:10 – Todd introduces himself
  • 3:02 – A little bit about Todd’s books
  • 11:15 – Todd’s failure
  • 19:10 – Reflecting on failure is not an easy thing, but we’re going to learn from our mistakes
  • 21:06 – The pressure of “eyes watching”
  • 22:30 – Todd’s advice for new teachers
  • 25:27 – The one thing Todd wishes he would have learned earlier

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