Lindsay Lyons is an educational justice coach who helps schools and districts co-create feminist, antiracist curricula that challenges, affirms, and inspires all students. A former NYC public school teacher, she holds a PhD in Leadership and Change, and is the founder of the blog and podcast, Time for Teachership. She believes the secret sauce of educational equity is student voice.
Twitter: @lindsayblyons
Instagram: @lindsaybethlyons
“Lindsay did an amazing job facilitating this session...it was truly a balance of sharing information/resources to provoke thought and providing a respectful place for us to share questions, concerns and ideas.” - Workshop Participant Feedback

Keynotes, Workshops, & Sessions: 

Curriculum Boot Camp: 2-Day Intensive

2 Day Workshop

I spend 12 hours with your teachers, coaching them to build a new unit with equity and justice at the core. These two days are a hyper-focused, intensive or "design sprint." Different from your typical workshop, there’s less "talking at,” more "building with," and there's a finished ready-to-use product at the end. The result? Equitable, inclusive units grounded in intersectional justice. Units that challenge, affirm, and inspire 100% of students. Dr. Christopher Emdin has said, "[A good learning experience] makes you want to dance." By the end of this session, your teachers will have units so good the students and the teachers will dance. 

I help each teacher design a unit personalized for their students that has: 

  • A compelling driving question
  • An activist project—students apply what they know to advance racial, gender, ability, and linguistic justice in their communities
  • Lesson-level protocols—students talk and grapple for 75% of each class
  • Specific resources that center (hi)stories and voices that are often excluded from traditional curricula

How to Talk About High-Emotion Topics
with Students and Staff 

Breakout Session /1 Day Workshop

Participants will begin by confronting 3 common myths that often hold us back from engaging in conversations that generate strong emotions at school. We’ll then look at the foundational culture of belonging that’s required to engage in these conversations and the strategies that help us build a culture where generative conversation is possible. Finally, we’ll talk about ways to plan ahead for student and staff discussions of high-emotion topics.  
In the full-day version of this session, we will also practice using discussion protocols and talking about high emotion topics, the specific of which we can collaboratively determine based on the needs of your staff.


  • I can co-create class agreements with students or staff, setting the foundation for discussing issues of injustice.
  • I can create an engaging discussion question that does not put dignity or settled facts up for debate. 
  • I can prepare to respond to challenging situations before, during, and after a group discussion. 
  • I can identify ways to practice and build my own critical discussion skills.



Pricing Range:
$1,500 - $7,500