Writing Across The Content Areas With The Renewed Teacher Part 2

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In this episode:

Krystal Smith aka The Renewed Teacher and I continue our conversation about writing instruction in the upper elementary classroom. Listen in as Krystal and I continue to discuss the what, why and how of writing across content areas.

We talk about:

1.What-Incorporating writing across content areas means creating authentic opportunities to write in each subject. 

2.Why- It’s not about writing to  pass a test. 

3.How- It won’t just happen, you have to plan for it.


 – Teaching writing goes beyond scores on a test. You could be teaching a future writer or poet.

-This work requires an abundance of grace. Grace for your students and grace for yourself.

-Teaching students the writing process is the goal. It’s the writing process that will prepare them for real life writing. 

About Krystal aka The Renewed Teacher:

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she is the creator of The RenewED Teacher, a blog and support network where she specializes in advising teachers on how to be more effective in their teaching practice and purpose by prioritizing self-care and staying in touch with their purpose. Smith shares tips, quotes, teacher resources, Tik Toks/Reels, and a wealth of knowledge on how to be successful in the classroom. While content specific advice and tips are shared with teachers, Smith manages to also help teachers who are getting discouraged and approaching or experiencing burnout.Smith knows her purpose is to motivate, encourage, inspire, and empower educators and teachers alike. 

Connect With Krystal: 

Instagram: @the_renewed_teacher 

Blog: www.renewedteacher.com 

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