Teach Better strategically partnered with 16 Educational Service Centers across Ohio to help implement professional development and support to teachers throughout the state as part of a large, state-wide collective project funded by RemotEDx.

Following this million-dollar grant initiative, the team has dedicated numerous resources to exploring how the team can better support districts across the United States and Canada by
(1) locating funding source options
(2) writing and eduting grant language
(3) bringing professional development opportunities to staff

Sound like something you're interested in?  

Let's explore how this has been implemented through a recent project... 

 We embarked on an incredible mission, and we've got the stats to prove it:

  • We rallied a whopping 1,434 participants, and you won't believe this – we had the potential to impact up to 119,452 students! Talk about spreading the love for learning far and wide.
  • Hold onto your hats because this is huge: A whopping 75.8% of our participants took our strategies and ran with them, at least partially. You can't stop a good idea once it's out there!

    But wait, there's more...

  • over 700 of our education rockstars joined the Teach Better Academy, where ongoing support and brilliance collide.
  • And it's not just us; we're talking teamwork! We partnered with 16 ESCs (that's Educational Service Centers), and guess what? We impacted a whopping 148 school districts across the state. That's nearly 25% of all the districts in the whole state—over 611 of them!
  • We didn't stop at just sharing ideas; we crafted custom strategic plans and made sure everyone was on board. Formal training? Check. Ongoing support? You got it!
  • We didn't just talk the talk; we walked the walk! We hosted over 100 training and support events throughout the project. We were everywhere!
But the best part?
The impact doesn't end here. We're leaving ripples of positive change beyond the grant period. And now, drumroll, please... Here's the part where we pat ourselves on the back:
  • We supercharged the capacity of ESCs. They're stronger than ever.
  • ESCs joined forces and collaborated like never before. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?
  • We kicked off county-wide professional development in Putnam County. Yeah, we're naming names!
  • We crafted some strategic protocols for large-scale awesomeness. Planning for success is our jam!
  • Teachers reported higher efficacy, and it's no fluke – 80% of the responses said so!
 Hold onto your hat again: Around 70% of responses showed 50% or more growth in achievement thanks to our training. Achievement levels are through the roof!
We lightened the load on districts by sharing resources and giving them access to top-notch professional development, national speakers, and mind-blowing training. Saving money and leveling up – that's how we roll!
So there you have it, folks – a mission accomplished with style and substance.
We're making education better, one epic endeavor at a time! 


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