Episode #138: 24 Websites Teachers Should Know About Part 1

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Episode 138

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Episode #138: 24 Websites Teachers Should Know About Part 1

Welcome back to GotTechED the podcast this is Episode 138 called “24 Websites Teachers Should Know About Part 1”. In this episode, we’ll share the first 12 of 24 awesome websites that teachers can use in their classrooms to help with everything from learning a new language to digital claw machines for random name selection. This is another episode you don’t want to miss, check it out.

Segment 1: Updates

  1. ISTE
  2. Theaiteacher.tips
  3. Guise’s annual podcast blog coming out within the next month… any suggestions?
Who doesn't like 12 #edtech tools that do some pretty amazing things? Digital claw-machines as name pickers.... I'm in! Click To Tweet

Segment 2:  

  1. Memrise.com
    1. Learn a language freemium
  2. Moreorless.io
    1. Which movie costs more to make
  3. Online-stopwatch.com
    1. Claw machine name picker (lots of others too)
  4. Classroomscreen.com
    1. Lots of widgets to present during worktime
  5. Questionwell
    1. Uses ai to generate questions from any text.  Then you can export them to use in any of the popular edtech gaming sites
  6. Mark up Hero
    1. Annotate documents and visually annotate them live and collaboratively
  7. Classpoint.io 
    1. Integrates name pickers, stopwatch, interactive quizzes into PPT
  8. Chalk.com
    1. Online Lesson Planner
  9. Creative fabrica
    1. Freebies and affordable Club Card Subscriptions
  10. Scratchgarden
    1. Really funny videos for math and english (lower levels)
  11. Wordwall
    1. Make interactive lessons
  12. Mathmonks.com
    1. Tons of free work worksheets by grade level

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