Why You Need Standards Based Grading in Your Classroom

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Let’s Make This Simple: We can pretend that because we are teachers we should have autonomous and authoritative control over everything that goes in our grade books, and that we should get to decide how we grade, what our grade books look like, and what is represented in them. As you clutch your grade book against your chest protectively, I’m … Read More

6 Things Every Teacherpreneur Must Have

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6 Things Every Teacherpreneur Must Have

A lot of people mistake investors for entrepreneurs. But not everyone who buys a million dollar franchise is an entrepreneur. A lot of times, franchisees are people with money who see an opportunity to create an additional stream of revenue. For an entrepreneur, it’s typically less about the money, and more about the need to create and build something that will … Read More

1 Simple Way to Motivate Students

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1 Simple Way to Motivate Students in Your Classroom

Motivating students is probably one of the hardest things we do as teachers. Delivering content is meaningless without a student motivated to learn and apply it. During our workshops this is one of the most common topics that come up. While this is usually in the context of Mastery Learning the general advice I give us universally applicable to any instructional model. … Read More