Using the Expertise of Your School Team

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TL;DR: Maximize the impact of school decisions. Have clear communication, an open mind, and a shared vision. Collaborate with others to solve problems, and involve staff, stakeholders, and students. Reach beyond your school for additional ideas and support. Erik joined Dave Schmittou on the Daily Drop In to talk about using the expertise of your school team. Click here to … Read More

Effective Grading Practices That Empower Learning

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TL;DR: Evaluate grading practices. Reflect on the use of assessments, feedback, and grades. Make changes to foster a growth mindset in students. Effective grading recommendations made by Thomas Guskey, Rick Wormeli, and Ken O’Connor are ingrained in my beliefs about effective learning and grading practices. However, educators can review grading recommendations through the lens of the impact on students’ growth … Read More

Reflection Guides Continuous Improvement

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TL;DR: Reflection empowers deeper thinking that can guide discussions and continuous improvement. Questions to guide reflection for teachers, students, and both teachers/students are shared. Educators should be commended for empowering hope, optimism, courage, curiosity, and resilience during this unique school year.  This continues to be one of the most complicated and challenging times for education, but also an exciting opportunity … Read More

Grit Growth Progression Journey

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TL;DR: “Grit Growth” empowers learners to focus on their grit while also being cognizant of their growth. The “Grit Growth Progression Journey” is a sequence of events, opportunities, behaviors, and responses that can empower reflective realization that grit enhances growth.  Grit and growth impact performance.  Grit can be defined as perseverance, courage, bravery, and passion—it can have a positive impact … Read More

Growth Mindset Mantra, Model, Motivation, and Matrix

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TL;DR: Use a growth mindset to reflectively persevere. Consider the A.R.E.A. (Attitude, Effort, Reflection, Action) Growth Mindset Model when you make a mistake, encounter an obstacle, or haven’t experienced success yet. Model how to enhance autonomy, agency, ownership, and self-direction. Evaluate continuous learning with a growth mindset matrix. Modeling and empowering a growth mindset while learning in school is just … Read More