Make Learning Magical: Featuring Tisha Richmond

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In this week’s episode, Tisha Richmond shares her experience of losing joy as a teacher and how using gamification in her classroom increased her happiness, student motivation, and overall engagement.  In this episode, we discuss: How to create the “Extreme Lesson Makeover” The origin story of Tisha’s podcast  And her book, Making Learning Magical!  About Tisha Richmond: Tisha is a … Read More

28: Make Learning Magical – Tisha Richmond shares her journey from a burnt out educator, to author and innovator.

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Episode 28 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

21 year veteran teacher, and author of “Make Learning Magical,” Tisha Richmond, shares her journey from being a burnt out educator, to becoming an innovative leader and published author. Tisha chats with us about working with other teachers to create sparks of innovation, how her book came to be, what her dream title is, and why we need to just … Read More