Finding Your Voice

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TL;DR: Finding your voice as a new teacher can be challenging. But your voice is as important now than it has been ever before. Identify your why, get connected on social media, and get involved to find your voice. As a new teacher, finding your voice in your new school community can be challenging. Add to that a pandemic, forcing … Read More

Using the Backwards Design to Reach Your Goals

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TL;DR: Use the backwards design in your life to move toward your goals in a clear way. Plan your journey by creating a list of manageable steps to get to your goal. Write out your list, create a timeline, and give each task a reasonable deadline. A goal-setting template PDF download is shared. Welcome back to our ‘Begin Better’ series … Read More

Tech Tips to Teach Smarter

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TL;DR: Teach smarter by using tech tips such as forcing copies of electronic documents, planning office hours, and pre-recording direct instruction. Use Google Calendar to create a student sign-up for office hours and Google Meet for screen recording! This is the first post in a monthly series specifically aimed at supporting new teachers. Congratulations! You’ve made it through two months … Read More