Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome: Featuring Alfonso Mendoza

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

In this week’s episode, Alfonso Mendoza shares his philosophies of improvising, adapting and overcoming obstacles in education. As a tech leader, Alfonso has seen a major shift the past few years and he continues to spread his message of “keeping it simple”.  In this episode, we discuss: Tech Implementation: Getting Clicky With It Immersive Technology of ARVR AI & Chat … Read More

S3 Collaboration 06 with Alfonso Mendoza Jr.

Joshua BuckleyPunk Rock Classrooms Podcast

Punk Rock Classrooms · S3 Collaboration 06 with Alfonso Mendoza Jr One of the awesome things we would see in punk is at shows when musicians from different bands would join forces on stage or when one of your favorite punk singers would lend their growl to some gang vocals on another band’s record. We wanted to create that same … Read More