S3:E6: A #Prelude to the Post-Pandemic Principalship: 5 Principles |Wisdom&Productivity| #TeachBetter

Efraín MartinezWisdom and Productivity Podcast

Centuries are not merely defined by the number of years but by the impact of events. When Dr. Fauci recently declared the US is out of the coronavirus pandemic phase, a new century began.

The game changed from kindly reminding students about the importance of masks to not caring if anyone is wearing one. #TeachBetter Click To Tweet However, the ramifications of all these changes demand more leadership from principals and educators in general. Here are the 5 principles the pioneers of this new century should implement:

  1. You are not your job!
  2. Better happy than successful!
  3. Is not personal!
  4. Embrace mindfulness!
  5. Enhance your productivity, elevate your life!


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