Interviewing Katie Miglin (@MrsKMigs) |Wisdom & Productivity| #TeachBetter #TBPodcaster

Efraín MartinezWisdom and Productivity Podcast

Interviewing Katie Miglin |Wisdom & Productivity| #tbpodcaster #teachbetter Katie Miglin is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for #TeachBetter Notes Who Are you? Mother, married, Christian; in education for 13 years; importance of faith Professional Trajectory Illinois State U; blessed; middle school math; now at Teach Better full time // middle school students are like mini adults // reflect on what is that you want (what fills your cup) Like in Back to the Future On vulnerability, thinking that I needed to know it all // ask for help, it is okay not to know everything Books Historical fiction // non fiction: “Educated” Influences A teacher that care for families Impostor Syndrome Something I battle with constantly // thinking perhaps I am not smart enough // I have room to grow // change of mindset // stop sweating the timeliness Productivity Focus on what helps me focus // lists that are intentional with time // checking calendar the night before // goals on white board


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