Dean of Students and SEL Consultant, Tre’ Gammage has always had a passion for helping others. With a vast background in speaking, podcasting, and consulting, Tre’ was once told “when you see someone living their dream, it makes you want to be a part of that dream or start to live your own” and he’s been living by that motto ever since.
Tre’ became an International speaking champion in 2016 after finishing in the semi final round of Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. In 2017, Tre’ started The Gammage Consulting Group, a family owned education consulting firm helping
K-12 school communities implement school-wide social-emotional learning programs and practices through teacher professional development. The mission of GCG is to deliver social emotional learning solutions to school communities through asset based personal and professional development. He believes that SEL is to education as the alphabet is to reading, you can’t have one without the other. 
Tre’ has a true heart of youth and this generation, he has made it his purpose to see educators and students grow, lead, and experience as he guides you through your journey of making it easier to do what you love. 
Twitter: @tregammage
Instagram: @tregammage

"Not just tips, but real actionable suggestions for implementation regarding Restorative Practices. Fantastic presentation."
- Moria Crowley

The Dash podcast and every week we feature educator’s every week who are solving problems through social emotional learning. Through 155 episodes guests have been featured from Japan, Switzerland, South Africa, India, Canada and the UAE. Our favorite topics are SEL & Restorative practice. Listen to the Dash!

Keynotes, Workshops, & Sessions: 

Every Decision Counts: 8 Lessons I wish They Taught Me in School  

Keynote Talk


There’s so many lessons learned in life that should have been taught in school. Travel with Tre’ on his journey through education that included moving 8 different times and attending 11 different schools before graduation.

In this conversation we explore what it means to make new mistakes, surround yourself with only quality people,  and release yourself of other people’s expectation so you can live your dreams. 


  • How to turn big and small failures into a platform for success. And stay positive after failing or losing 
  • Understand how doing the little things right makes the biggest difference 
  • How to identify and use the skills, talents, resources and passion that you already have 
  • The importance of recognizing change as a part of growth

3 Restorative SEL Practices to use in your Classroom

1 Day Workshop [adult focus]


In this session we will cover the 4 foundations of a restorative SEL classroom, and the 7 steps of planning restorative circles. Included in this session  are scripted lesson plan templates for implementing these foundational practices in your classroom using Chicago Public Schools Restorative Practice Guide and Toolkit

  • Building connection and community 
  • Shared accountability 
  • Practicing Empathy 
  • Shared Agreements 

As for restorative circles the purpose is build relationships and build community. There are several types, ways, and reasons to use restorative circles that include 

  • Talking circles: proactively building relationships and community 
  • Peace circles: after conflict or behavior issues 
  • Parent/Community Circles: engage parents, family and community members in circles to strengthen partnership and engagement 
  • Staff circles: As a part of team meetings or professional development 
  • Celebration circles: To share and affirm accomplishments, news, and other positive events 


  1. Develop Adult Social Emotional Learning Competencies 
  2. Strengthen Social Emotional Classroom Practices 

Adult Social Emotional Skill Building: Relationships & Communication 

1 Day Workshop [adult focus] 


In this training program (Virtual/On-Site)  we use data-driven assessments (DISC) to cultivate personalized professional learning plans to strengthen and model social-emotional learning competencies for members of your school community. 

This Adult SEL session includes 

  • Custom 40 page communication style assessment 
  • Team Dynamic report to analyze collective strengths of your school community and professional learning communities 
  • Team building and communication activities 
  • Using SEL in your classroom breakout session


  1. Identify personal SEL Strengths and opportunities for growth to effectively model SEL skills in class and school-wide 
  2. Build, grow and improve school-wide team & PLC dynamics 
  3. Apply SEL signature practices to increase harmony, connection, and classroom community 

After our session participants will

  • Have an action plan to apply and Integrate SEL practices into their classrooms
  • Feel empowered to build stronger relationships with peers, parents and students
  • Be equipped to respond constructively in challenging situations

Emotionally Intelligent Educator

1 Day Workshop [adult focus] 


Research indicates that emotional intelligence competencies are directly associated with professional and personal success. In fact EQ is responsible for up to 80% of success we experience in life. Emotional intelligence recognizes feelings and responds in an appropriate focused way. These abilities heighten personal performance, empower relationships, and direct teamwork in a more results-oriented manner. 

EQ competencies run parallel with SEL competencies, research from the Aspen Institute indicates that students learn SEL better when the adult’s in their lives have a better understanding of SEL and EQ skills. 

Some of the area’s directly affected by EQ include: 

  • Communication 
  • Decision making 
  • Leadership 
  • Productivity/Performance 
  • Relationship satisfaction
  • Conflict management 
  • Teamwork 


  • Heighten awareness of the various areas of emotional intelligence
  • Provide a framework for personal and professional improvement 
  • Improve your ability to recognize, understand and choose how you think, feel, and act

Price Range:
$2,500 - $4,500