How Do I Teach Nonfiction?

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 In this episode:

 You will walk away with clear steps for how to launch and teach your nonfiction unit.

I talk about:

I talk about the what, the why and the how of teaching your next fiction reading unit.

1.The What- It’s Broken into two camps:Expository and Narrative Nonfiction

  1. The Why- Teaching students how to think about new information and what they think about it is critically important. 
  2. The How- I give you 4 main teaching points to zone in on in your next nonfiction reading unit. 


  • As an educator and as an adult you and I both know that you are never done learning, this means that learning how to navigate non fiction is a lifelong skill. 
  • In addition, learning how to navigate nonfiction will also teach students how to take in new information and decide how to think about it and what they think about it. 
  • Nonfiction text may include bias therefore,  students will need to be taught how to identify the author’s purpose in order to help them discern this.

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