Capacity: How to Respect It

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I talk about:

-What respecting your capacity means to you as a literacy leader in your classroom.

-Why respecting your capacity at work allows you to show up well in other areas of your life.

-How to respect your capacity by: 

  1. Acknowledge and name your season
  2. Acknowledge and name your limits
  3. Craft a plan that allows you to both respect your limits and grow your skill set, because your professional growth is directly tied to your student’s growth


-We are often the biggest violators of our own boundaries, this fact is contributing to our inability to grow our skill set in a sustainable way.

-Although I am a firm believer in growing our abilities as literacy leaders in our classrooms, I also believe that we can do this while also respecting our limits.

-The goal of this season is to give you tools that help you create sustainable impact in your classroom.

Links to resources mentioned in the podcast:

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The Mini Lesson Revamp Bootcamp

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