What To Say Yes To During A Crazy Season

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In this episode:

 Listen in as I tell you what I said yes to when my school year took an unexpected turn. 

I talk about:

I talk about saying yes to: 

      1.Creating monotony as a way to create stability


  1. Taking the stance of learner
  2. Working out semi consistently 
  3. Delegating at work and at home
  4. Meeting with my book club
  5. Cultivating friendships at work
  6. Asking for help 
  7. Letting go of perfection
  8. Keeping things simple
  9. Maintaining boundaries 


-I said yes to taking the stance of a learner. I needed to look to the people on my team as the experts that they were.

– Fun is an undervalued tool for adults, we know that it can impact kids but negate its impact on us adults. 

-I said yes to asking for help which started with first admitting that I don’t have it all figured out.

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