Time Sucks and How To Avoid Them

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I talk about:

-What time sucks are, how they fool us into thinking they are good for us and a plan for how to avoid them all together.

They are: 

  1. Going down the TPT rabbit whole without a clue of what we actually need or what we already have.
  2. Not knowing our grade level standards well enough to know what our students need most to understand the current reading unit.
  3. Not planning and trying to wing it, which really just keeps us in a constant state of overwhelm


  • Looking at TPT before really analyzing what we already have or tapping into our resources aka our people is a time suck.
  • Not knowing your standards well enough to vet potential resources, know what students need to know most and have the confidence in your ability to get students to a point of mastery is a time suck.
  • We plan because doing so respects our craft and we plan because it helps us to get a better handle on what  our students need and how we plan to get them to mastery. 

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