I’m Still Here

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Listen in as:
I share why I took an extended break from the podcast and what to look forward to hearing in this upcoming season.
I talk about:
-Why I took a break
-What made me come back
-Why I’m still here
I’m on a mission to help upper elementary reading teachers use their literacy block to teach students how to think about books so that students learn how to apply those same thinking skills to their everyday life.
This season we will dig into how to reset your reading block any time of year, what professional development books you will want to add to your PD reading list, How a love of reading is both taught and caught, We will even take a dive into how to create systems that support you. I will also get a little ranty as I tackle how you can lead a book banning revolution in your classroom.
-Things don’t have to be perfect, I don’t have to be or feel perfect in order to make an impact in my building, through this podcast and in the online eduspace.
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