Redefining Rest and Reflection with The Afro Educator

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In This Episode:
I interviewed Alexis from The Afro Educator and we talked about all things teacher rest and reflection this summer. This episode is jam packed with solid advice and tips for teachers who are completely off for the summer as well as those that have to work.
Alexis Shepard is a veteran educator from South Carolina with a decade of teaching experience in the elementary and middle school settings. Alexis is no stranger to burn out. After multiple encounters with burn-out, a desire to take steps towards more personal and professional development began the journey of teacher self-care and wellness. She created, The AfroEducator to facilitate connections with like minded educators.
Very quickly though, a passion was ignited in Alexis to help teachers manage burnout. She recognized that through her own journey, she could empower teachers to reframe the narratives that contribute to the overwhelm so many teachers face daily in classrooms. She champions teacher self-care through education, reflection, and dialogue.  Alexis believes that by sharing stories, she can inspire and empower teachers to teach and live authentically
Listen as Alexis shares:
-Her definition of self care
-How to align your summer to do list with your values
-Tips for scheduling rest into your week
-Ideas for how to practice mindfulness throughout your busy day
-How to reflect on this year in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty
….and so much more
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