Season 4, Episode 14: Interview with Santiago Meza

Charles WilliamsThe Counter Narrative Podcast

Welcome to the Counter Narrative Podcast, a show designed to change the way we talk, and think, about education. By sharing stories of successes and triumphs, we aim to challenge the dominant narrative that often negatively portrays our disenfranchised populations.

I’m your host, Charles Williams. An urban educator for more than 15 years, a current school principal in Chicago, an educational consultant, an equity advocate, and the co-host of Inside The Principal’s Office.

In this episode, I chat with Santiago Meza, an elementary school principal in California who has served the educational community for more than 15 years. He and his wife have been married for 22 years and have two children – one in middle school and one who will be starting high school this year. Meza is known for leading and living with patience and grace, something that he attributes to being a brain surgery survivor. When he isn’t leading his school, he enjoys drawing, listening to music, and reading his bible.

During our conversation, we explored his uncommon approach to leading which stems from a simple question – why don’t we do for adults what we do for students? He points out that administrators often urge their staff to demonstrate love and caring to their students yet fail to extend those same courtesies to their staff. How can we expect people to do what we want when we fail to lead by example? Join us as he shares some practical tips for shifting our conceptions and approaches to leadership.


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Twitter – @santiagoAM115

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Linked In – Santiago Meza

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