Creating Bit-Sized PD Cheat Sheets for Teachers

Brittany RinconTeacher Leader Podcast

Have you tried to create your own bite-sized PD cheat sheets and share it with teachers to best support them during these times? No one has the time for an hour-long or full-day PD sessions anymore, so let’s talk about how to create quick and easy tools for our teachers.

In this episode,

  • I talk about what bite-sized PD is and how it works
  • Not only do  talk about ways of creating cheat sheet PDs but
  • I also talk about some advice to teacher leaders on how to bring it all together


Here’s a recap of the episode:

3:45 Bite-sized PD, what is it and how does it work?

4:26 Ways to help your teachers during this time

Different ways of creating bite-sized PD

5:10 Create your mini-tutorial videos

5:22 Compile a list of useful resources

6:38 Create a weekly or monthly newsletter

9:40 Recommend a community

Putting it all together

11:40 Make sure that the teachers understand how to use it

12:31 Think about how to distribute these resources

13:05 Organize the PDs

13:53 Check in with your teachers



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