Episode 13 | Featuring Janice Moyer

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Janice Moyer is a coffee-drinking mom of four boys, teacher of elementary school, Big Fan of Little House, and wife of Bearded Husband. She is proficient at eating M&Ms in secret. Jan blogs about all of that and more at toughbananasblog.wordpress.com and you can follow her on Twitter @moyermama. Connect with Jan! Twitter: @mrsjmoyer | @moyermama Instagram: @mrsjmoyer | @janicemoyer Web: toughbananasblog.wordpress.com Bonus Content Brené Brown | @BreneBrown | brenebrown.com MORE EPISODES

Episode 4 | Featuring Michelle Clark

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Michelle Clark, also known as the Cardboard High-Five Teacher, was born and raised in Long Island, New York. She is now in her 11th year as a special education teacher near Richmond, Virginia, USA. Michelle’s blog, Social Distant Classroom, captures the learning of her Summer School team as they took their first steps in face-to-face learning following school closure in … Read More

23: Connected Change – Brianna Hodges talks about the power of connection and shared learning.

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Listen to episode 23 of Teach Better Talk with Brianna Hodges

 #FutureReadyCoach, Champion For Change, and Coordinator of Educational Technology and Innovative Instruction, Brianna Hodges, chats with us about finding ways to tap into that excitement, energy, and engagement that keep curiosity moving forward, for both students and teachers. The “2018 Administrator to Watch” talks about the power of connection and shared learning, why she believes we’re moving from connected … Read More