EP 163 Teaching Citizenship and Responsibility with Richard Trotta

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For more information about the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility, go to www.medfordccsr.org Timestamps 01:25 – What is the Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility? 04:15 – Project-based learning develops leadership and a sense of community in students 08:35 – Why spend most of your career in one school district? 09:50 – The merits of programs like these that develop … Read More

EP 162 Teaching Like A Rockstar with Hal Bowman

Tre GammageThe Dash Podcast

 Tre’ Gammage · EP 162 Teaching like a Rockstar with Hal Bowman With over 3 decades of experience, Hal Bowman knows when a teacher is a rock star. He started his career as the band director and now consults with teachers nationwide to help them perform their best. We talk about how Hal became a consultant, some of his … Read More

EP 161 The Power of Praise with Bill Hoatson

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You can find out more about Bill, his books, and his videos at billhoatson.com or childachievement.com For Adult Social-Emotional Learning Activities visit seleducators.com Timestamps 01:20 – Setting your child up for success before they even go to school 08:00 – The worse the child is doing, academically, the more pleasant the learning needs to be 12:25 – God puts you where He wants … Read More

EP 159 Experience Based SEL with Phil Brown

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Find out more at high5adventure.org Visit seleducators.com Timestamps 01:25 – How High 5 Adventure brings experiential learning into the classroom 04:55 – Focusing on connection, empowerment, and leadership 07:15 – What the challenge course is for (and what it’s not for) 11:15 – How is High 5 being used in schools? 15:00 – The result of SEL on disciplinary action … Read More

EP 158 Promoting SEL from the Board of Directors with Valerie Fields

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Timestamps 04:55 – Balancing emphasis: SEL is just as important as standardized testing07:35 – SEL is necessary in order to be able to teach students beyond the textbook 10:10 – What makes Felton stand out among other SC schools? 13:20 – The ability to read gives students the ability to learn everything else 14:45 – Making sure that the STEAM … Read More