43: From Consumers to Creators – Alex Oris talks about transforming students from consumers to creators, and where our future leaders are.

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Alex Oris is a Technology Integration Specialist at Cuyahoga Falls City Schools in Ohio. He chats with us about using technology in schools, adjusting the way we think about our approach to PD and teaching, and how things changed when he decided to give up control and give students more ownership. Alex shares his experiences from 11 years in the … Read More

10 Ways Screencasting Can Transform Learning

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10 Ways Screencasting Can Transform Learning

Screencasting isn’t just for recording video notes- Though that is a great place to start, let’s look at how screencasting can transform so much more in your classroom. What is screencasting? Screencasting is simply the act of recording the image on your computer or tablet screen to create a video (also known as a “screen capture.”) There are dozens of … Read More

4 Really Bad Ways to Use Technology in Your Classroom (video)

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4 Really Bad Ways to use Technology in Your Classroom - video

How are you using technology in your classroom? Full transcript below video. Video Transcript Alright guys, are you ready? Today we are talking about for really bad ways to use technology in your classroom. If you want more information like this, more content like this, you want to keep getting awesome things from our team, make sure you click, like … Read More