25. Create Your Ideal Week

Michele Schmidt MooreDesign Lessons Podcast

Hey Designers, We talked about what it means to be a thought leader in episode 24. But in thinking about how thought leaders must operate,  it got me thinking about how do you best structure your day to bring you the most joy and the most productivity? I first heard about the concept of an ideal week from Michael Hyatt … Read More

20. Modern Classroom Jobs with Thom Gibson

Michele Schmidt MooreDesign Lessons Podcast

Hey Designers, Today we get to talk to Thom Gibson. Thom’s modern twist on classroom jobs and classroom economies aligns with our relationships touchstone and gives us a new strategy to create an engaged community of students. Thom has a passion for audio engineering and creating videos and as a result he has created a Youtube channel to share how … Read More

Why Design Lessons

Donnetta NorrisBlog, Lesson Plan Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: As an educator, it is important to continue learning and to always work towards improvement. Design Lessons is a podcast to help teachers learn about instructional strategies and design creative learning opportunities for students. I have been on a journey to improve, expand, and grow as a teacher and a writer. I believe it’s important to remain current in … Read More