Britney Wolf has one mission – to create an environment in which every person in the room feels validated and cared about. After being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at 7 years old, she made a promise to herself and to the entire Tourette Community that she would educate, spread awareness, and fight for the stigma of this disorder to one day be erased. Along the way, she discovered how to empower and motivate those around her because of Tourette Syndrome, rather than in spite of it.
While sharing her story of living with this disorder she teaches her audiences how vital it is to have inclusion in every aspect of education, the workplace, and in our personal lives. She takes the idea of how a simple act, a question, a listening ear, or simply just looking beyond what the eyes and mind might see can lead to an entirely new outlook and way of life. She believes that surrounding yourself with people who are different can create an unstoppable team.
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Instagram: @_britneywolf

Keynotes, Workshops, & Sessions: 

Keynotes, Workshops & Sessions

Teachers “Tic” Me Off

While using my own life stories, this presentation will showcase how teachers can make a huge difference in a student’s life - good or bad. Having a disorder or struggle that is often hidden can be hard for a student, especially in the classroom. Just as it can be hard for a teacher to know how to maneuver around that students needs. Getting to know students and what they might be struggling with will make  not only make the student try harder and have the utmost respect for the teacher, but it will make the teacher better in more ways than one. With stories that range from bad to exceptional, I will show you how one simple act can change a student’s life, and maybe even yours as well. 

OBJECTIVES: To inspire teachers to get to know there students on a different level. To look past the student’s struggles and find out why they might be there in the first place. Most importantly, to make sure every student feels included and accepted in the classroom. 

Working With Disabilities

While using my own life stories, this presentation will showcase how employers and colleagues can make a huge difference in the workforce. Interviewing for a job can be hard enough in itself, but working with a disability can often create awkward and difficult situations to navigate through. In today’s world, it’s important that we approach situations of mental health, disabilities, and differences in the right way. Employers need to be sure that they are treating every single employee with respect and honoring their needs so that they have the opportunity to have a successful career. In light of adversity, this presentation will give the tips you need to make an impact.

OBJECTIVES: The objective of this presentation will be for employers, businesses, and companies everywhere to think differently when it comes to hiring an employee who might have a disability and how showing understanding and empathy will create a better and more well-rounded work force moving forward.

From the Patients Point of View 

For this presentation I will be discussing some of my personal stories about living with Tourette Syndrome. I will share what it was like to be diagnosed at a young age, what the tics felt like when she first noticed them happening, and how they have progressed over the years. With vulnerability, I will be able to explain how to best deal with a patient who might have Tourette Syndrome and/or similar disorders and how having a doctor who believes them and how getting the diagnosis can make a huge difference in a patient’s life.

OBJECTIVES: Presentation objectives for this would be for doctors to walk away with an open mind about the patients in front of them and to never make it seem like the patient is making anything up or imagining their symptoms. I want them to walk away with knowing how far their empathy and bedside manner can go in a patient’s life and diagnosis.